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Welcome to my Web site “YAMA ART PROJECT”!
This page contains my art works and my profile.


山村 靖彦
Yasuhiko Yamamura

1965 Born in Shizuoka prefecture Reside in Nagoya


Exhibition 2011 “Blue in the Moonlight”,Photo & art gallery PSYCHE in Nagoya
“Art point selection I 2013”,Gallery ART POINT in Tokyo
Exhibition 2018 “Feelings”,Cafe&Gallery BLANKA in Nagoya

<Artist Statement>

I am acrylic painting artist, and my paintings feature clear colors of acrylic paints.
What viewers feel through my paintings is valued for my production.
My aim of production is to enhance creativity of viewers, and I hope their daily lives are enriched and brightened through paintings.

<Art Works>

→ Gallery 1 “acrylic on watercolor paper”
→ Gallery 2 “acrylic on canvas”
→ Gallery 3 “acrylic on canvas”